Benefits Of Social Bookmarking SEO Posts

Posts in social bookmarking sites that are customized for SEO will tend to have great benefits, as they will help you in generating traffic to your site in a very subtle way. The traffic that is generated is in large numbers, and these backlinks are considered to be of very high quality by search engines. Therefore, it will help in increasing the page ranking of your website considerably.


However, one has to look into the fact that when you submit social bookmarking sites links to your website you are only going to be visible to the smaller internet population that frequent the social bookmarking sites. These backlinks will be visible on the top page for only 24 hours after which you will need good votes to move it to the top. So planning is very important in social bookmarking SEO posts to get the desired benefits.

Advantages over other websites

When you opt for a social bookmarking site for social bookmarking SEO posts, you can open up avenues that search engines cant as these engines use algorithms and crawling spider network to make sense of the meaning of the source.

Therefore, there are occasions where the real content of the website is not highlighted in search engines and your website will not show up when a user searches for the content.

In social bookmarking SEO posts, the user who has an idea on the content that is present in the website and therefore will be more specific creates the tags.

The human knowledge is anytime better than the algorithms that are used by search engines to determine the content of the website. This is how social bookmarking SEO benefits when compared to other sites.

Advantages with indexing

When you use social bookmarking SEO posts, you can add backlinks to the specific webpage in your website and those pages may not have been indexed by search engines and will not show up in search results.

By using proper tags for the post, you will now allow the webpage to be indexed and therefore be picked up by search engines too
Some pages that re-indexed and high in ranking do not show up in search results in the first few pages of the results page of search engines and this is due to ways the search engines are designed. Social bookmarking SEO benefits such cases where the pages will be visible to others.

Advantages with ratings

The search engines consider backlinks from social bookmarking sites as quality links, and therefore a lot of weighting is given to such links. One backlink from these sites is comparable to hundreds of links from lower quality sites. If the users of the social bookmarking site like your website then it will divert those users from the bookmarking site to your webpage increasing traffic and helping the website gain popularity.

The social bookmarking SEO benefits listed out are just a few, and there are a lot more to gain from such sites if the strategy is planned and executed properly we can succeed

Matthew Anton is an experienced Twitter marketing expert, who has worked with different businesses to help them successfully carry out online marketing campaigns. Matthew is researching on how Twitter backlinks help to improve SEO ranking.

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